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Male Dominant, 45,  North Carolina


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Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 North Carolina

 5' 9"


 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

 Are YOU Adventurous ?

Are you wishing to act out your Taboo Kinky submissive fantasies?

Are you desiring  to serve and submit to a Secure Experienced Dominant ?



So Much More Awaits ...  Sessions Are Very Sapiosexual and Sensual .. 

I'm Very Strict...  and will Bring Out The Best In You!




BE AWARE  prospective little pets, submissive s and cuck couples that  Attentive Training and Superior Wisdom are not tools of charity or some transient object to be accessed without Tribute or Honorarium !

Always actively looking for Financial submissive s ! But will be waived for those that impress....

Some things are put here just to see if you are reading or just perving pics



Sound Advise Wisdom Teaching Training and Experience in all the Arts and Aspects of the Lifestyle thus for these gifts to you and Oh So Much More..............




 So if you are prepared My darlings for the ADVENTURE of a Lifetime!


Send Master Alexander a contact message to get started on your journey!








Master Alexander


BBC Dom , Trainer of


subs & cuck couples

Journal Entries:
9/26/2017 10:16:13 AM
25 Facts About BDSM That You Won't Learn From The Vanilla World

Note | 1 Comment · 2 Love It |about 1 hour ago

25 Facts About BDSM That You Won't Learn From The Vanilla World or In "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Forget Fifty Shades of Grey.

Here’s your real primer on all things kink.

Casey Gueren
BuzzFeed Staff

1. First things first: Here’s what BDSM actually stands for:
BDSM includes bondage and discipline (B&D), dominance and submission (D&S), and sadism & masochism (S&M). The terms are lumped together that way because BDSM can be a lot of different things to different people with different preferences, BDSM writer and educator Clarisse Thorn, author of The S&M Feminist, tells BuzzFeed Life. Most of the time, a person's interests fall into one or two of those categories, rather than all of them.

2. It doesn’t always involve sex, but it can.

Most people think BDSM is always tied to sex, and while it can be for some people, others draw a hard line between the two. "Both are bodily experiences that are very intense and sensual and cause a lot of very strong feelings in people who practice them, but they're not the same thing," says Thorn. The metaphor she uses for it: a massage. Sometimes a massage, however sensual it feels, is just a massage. For others, a rubdown pretty much always leads to sex. It's kind of similar with BDSM; it's a matter of personal and sexual preference.

3. There is nothing inherently wrong or damaged with people if they’re into it.
This is one of the most common and frustrating misconceptions about BDSM, says Thorn. BDSM isn't something that emerges from abuse or domestic violence, and engaging in it does not mean that you enjoy abuse or abusing.
Instead, enjoying BDSM is just one facet of someone's sexuality and lifestyle. "It's just regular people who happen to get off that way," sex expert Gloria Brame, Ph.D., author of Different Loving, tells BuzzFeed Life. "It's your neighbors and your teachers and the people bagging your groceries. The biggest myth is that you need this special set of circumstances. It's regular people who have a need for that to be their intimate dynamic."

4.Know that you can always say no.

"A lot of people starting out think it's 'all or nothing,' especially if you've only been with one partner," says Thorn. For instance, you might think that because you enjoyed being submissive under certain circumstances, that means you must agree to a whole host of submissive or masochistic behaviors that you're not necessarily into.

But that's absolutely wrong. You can — and should — pick and choose which BDSM activities you are and are not interested in, says Thorn. And that can vary depending on the situation, the partner, or even the day. Just remember that consent is a requirement in BDSM, and it's possible to consent to one thing while still objecting to another.

5. BDSMers are just as stable as people who prefer vanilla sex.
"In my experience, it's easier for people to get into BDSM if they don't have a history of abuse, people who are in a more stable place in their lives," says Thorn. A 2008 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that people who had engaged in BDSM in the past year were no more likely to have been coerced into sexual activity and were no more likely to be unhappy or anxious than those who didn't do BDSM. And actually, men who engaged in BDSM had lower scores of psychological distress than other men.

That said, BDSMers do not judge people who aren't into it, explains Thorn. The term "vanilla" isn't meant to be derogatory, just to refer to non-BDSM sexual acts or people who aren't interested in kink.

6. Fifty Shades of Grey is considered very cringeworthy in the BDSM community.
If you ever find yourself at a BDSM meet-up or dungeon, don't mention any shade of grey. While some people appreciate that the books spurred more interest in kink and may have made it less stigmatized, others take issue with the abusive, unhealthy relationship it portrays and the seriously unrealistic scenes. All in all, it is not an accurate representation of the BDSM community.

7. It’s not all whips and chains all the time — or ever, if that’s not your thing.
Sure, some S&M enthusiasts might have these in their arsenal, but it's definitely not everyone's cup of kink. "Some people go for what's called 'sensual dominance,' which is where there might be some toys or play but no pain involved at all," says Brame. "It's more like one partner agrees to do everything the other person asks. BDSM doesn't have to follow any pattern, and there is no one model for what a BDSM relationship can be."

8. ## BDSM encounters are called “scenes.”
Again, since it isn't always about intercourse, you wouldn't necessarily say that you "had sex" or "hooked up" with someone after a BDSM experience. Instead, these are called scenes (like, you scened with someone or you had a scene).
"It's an evolution from a time where, if you did S&M, you might only do it with a professional for an hour, or you might just see it performed at a BDSM club," says Brame. "Now people have much more organic relationships, but they still call it a scene — the time when we bring out the toys or get into that headspace."

9. There are dominants, submissives, tops, and bottoms.
So you've probably heard about dominants and submissives (if not, the dominant enjoys being in charge, while the submissive enjoys receiving orders). But BDSMers may also use the terms "tops" and "bottoms" to describe themselves. A top could refer to a dominant or a sadist (someone who enjoys inflicting pain), while a bottom could refer to a submissive or a masochist (someone who enjoys receiving pain). This allows you to have a blanket term for those who generally like being on either the giving or receiving end in a BDSM encounter. And there's no rule that says you can't be both dominant and submissive in different circumstances or with different partners.

10. ## It can be as simple or as technical as you want.
Maybe the thought of being tied up excites you, or you enjoy spanking or being spanked. Or maybe you're more interested in leather masks and nipple clamps and hot wax. All of that (and obviously a lot more) is within the realm of BDSM. Basically, you can still be into kink without actually ever going to a dungeon.

11. Before you go past the VERY basics, do your research.
Using a blindfold or an ice cube or fuzzy handcuffs you got at a bachelorette party are all relatively harmless beginner behaviors if you're into them. But before you play around with some of the trickier tools, you need to learn how to do so safely. Even a rope or a whip can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.
Hell, you can even mess up with your own hands (think: fisting): "[Some people] think they can clench a fist and stick it inside somebody," says Brame. "That's a good way to really injure someone and send them to the hospital." (Instead, she suggests an "enormous amount of lubricant" and starting with two or three fingers, then slowly and carefully building up to the whole hand.)

12. Seriously, BDSM involves A LOT of reading and learning.

If you're one of those people who throws away the directions and tries to build the bookshelf on intuition alone, BDSM is probably not for you. "I would say the vast majority of what we call BDSM education is how to maximize ecstasy and minimize risk," says Brame. "How to do all the things you fantasized about doing and to do them safely."
While there's no one required reading list, there seem to be a few favorites that are often recommended to beginners, like SM 101 by Jay Wiseman, Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns, by Phillip Miller and Molly Devon, and The New Topping Book and The New Bottoming Book by Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton. [Editor's note: Have others you'd suggest? Please add them in the comments!]
Classes, conferences, and meet-ups are also helpful for learning specific techniques, says Thorn. Another popular resource is, a Facebook-like network for the kink community, which can connect you with message boards, groups, and classes in your area.

13. It’s important to get your information from a variety of sources.

One mistake many people make when first experimenting with BDSM is relying on one person to show them the way. Even if they do have your best interest at heart (and they might not), it can be limiting to only have one perspective on something that is so multidimensional, says Thorn. Instead, seek out books, workshops, meet-ups, mentors, friends, message boards, and more to find a safe place to explore your interests.

"When you can't talk about what's happening and you can't make sense of your experience with like-minded people, that's way more dangerous than the variety of activities you might fantasize about," says Thorn.

14. Safe words are definitely a thing.
It might sound cheesy, but it's a well-established norm in BDSM. (And hey, your safe word could actually be "cheesy" if you want. You do you.) "Safe words are probably one of the most important norms that have spread across the community, even if people use them in different ways," says Thorn. For instance, not everyone uses safe words all the time after a while, but it's important to start out with them. They can essentially be anything you want, as long as it's something that you wouldn't normally say during sex. You can find more info about safe words here.

15. And at some public events, there are even safety monitors on duty.
"Dungeon monitors will kick out people who don't look like they're playing safely," says Brame. This can be anything from ignoring safe words to using a whip incorrectly. Seriously, did we mention that safety is paramount here? In fact, the acronym SSC (safe, sane, consensual) is one of the most common pillars of the practice.

16. It’s not as spontaneous as Hollywood movies or porn make it out to be.
Getting swept up in the moment and accidentally stumbling into a millionaire's red room (where you'll have multiple orgasms) is probably not going to happen to you ever. But, that's not necessarily a bad thing. "The sexual fantasy makes everything look so easy," says Brame. "People who actually do this stuff are very cautious about it. It has to be the right place and right time and right equipment. And you have to know you can get the person out [of whatever bondage] if there's an emergency. You have to feel you can trust the person." So there's a lot that goes into one scene, but that doesn't mean it's any less satisfying for those who enjoy it.

17. There’s also probably way more talking involved than there is with (most) vanilla sex.
Whenever people question the role of consent in BDSM, they should consider the enormous amount of communication that occurs before, during, and after the scenes. "We talk about it hugely before we ever do it," says Brame. "We talk about what we want to do, what we're going to do, what our fantasies are… that's part of negotiating a good relationship as a BDSMer."

18. There’s actually a pre-negotiation period, where the partners discuss what they like, what they don’t like, and what they absolutely will not tolerate.
Think of this as the primer before the scene. "It's a way of discussing the experience ahead of time that can increase emotional security," says Thorn. This can involve anything from s and checklists to a more informal discussion of what each person's expectations are for the scene, what they want and don't want, and any words or actions that are completely off-limits.

19. And then comes aftercare, the debriefing period that happens once the scene ends.

Since BDSM can be an incredibly intense and emotional experience for some, most experts strongly suggest this wrap-up step, where the partners can discuss the scene and any reactions they had to it. "People are extremely vulnerable during aftercare," says Thorn. "It can be really weird to have a scene without it." This can also be a strong bonding experience between the partners.

20. BDSMers can be monogamous, polyamorous, or whatever the hell they want.
Not everyone who's interested in BDSM has multiple sexual or relationship partners. "It used to be a popular perception that we don't form long-term relationships," says Brame. "A lot of BDSMers are just monogamous people. A lot of people just want to do it with their partner or play with the big toys at clubs."

21. There are so many different types of whips.
This is not a one-size-fits-all kink. There are light floggers, leather whips, whips with single tails, whips with multiple tails that are flat and wide, the list goes on, says Thorn. But because certain types can be harsher than others, you really need to learn how to use them properly (again, workshops are crucial). "People practicing with a single-tail whip will often start with a pillow or some distant small object, like a light switch," she says.

22. And there are some places that you definitely don't want to whip.
Like, um, the eyes, obviously. Or the kidney area. "The skin is thin there and you have vital organs under there. You can bruise your kidneys,"

23. If you want to bring it up in your current relationship, absolutely do it.
"There are plenty of stories out there of people who were too nervous to bring it up and then found out that their partner had the same fantasy," says Thorn. If you're nervous about it, ask if they'd be interested in checking out a particular book or workshop you heard about. Or just talk about it in the context of sexual fantasies by asking your partner if they've ever tried anything like BDSM or if they've ever wanted to. If you think about it, you're only risking one awkward conversation, and the payoff can be huge if this is something you want in your life.

24. There is an immensely helpful list of kink-aware professionals so you can find a doctor or therapist who uniquely understands your lifestyle.
Maybe you're worried that your gynecologist or your lawyer won't be sensitive to your lifestyle or doesn't allow you to feel comfortable talking about it. Check out the Kink Aware Professionals Directory from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom to find someone who will be more accepting.

25. Basically, it’s way different than most people expect.
Between stereotypes, porn, and Fifty Shades of Grey, there's a lot of misconceptions about BDSM. Short of attending a workshop or visiting a dominatrix, the best way to learn more about it is to do some research. "Just like with regular sex, if you want to be good at it, you really have to learn about what's going on when this stuff is happening,"

6/16/2016 5:43:03 AM

Alexander's {Dom/ Mst} Kink Resume




I began my experiences in this lifestyle primarily as a swinger introduced to the D/s lifestyle by a cuck couple who would later be My first fully owned slave couple this was 1996. This experience allowed Me to formulate a better understanding of the D/s relationships and how it both edifies and benefits couples relationship.

My Exploration and Education followed in the introduction to and study of bondage capture rope play kidnapping torture play. I was able to become experienced in the trade of slaves and D/s scene construction.

 In 2002 I became a Professional Dominant for a Dominatrix service in Virginia and worked with this escort service for 2 and half years. . I then began to attended munches of groups in my state, seminars/training as well as dungeons/play parties and privately.

I have since written and compiled a guide to BDSM Training which will be available on line this year. I also host a traveling event for groups ' Shades of Kink' BDSM and D/s for beginners. The event features a display of bondage equipment, implements and toys and instruction on how to use them for private play  for couples and singles .

I greatly enjoy mentoring teaching and training others in the lifestyle, at all levels.






Male African American  P.O.C  Person of Color


Orientation; Hard  {Sadist, Disciplinarian}- Moderate { Teaching  } Soft { Patience

Specialization ; Dom - Master - Instructor/Teacher 

Styles :  Sadistic Dom                               Master Owner of Slaves {Arabic Roman Style }

              Classical School Head Master      Voyeur  

              Polyadventurous                            Pansexual

              Trainer                                           Practitioner Shabri Kimbaku

              Hypnotherapist                              Reflexologest

Style most closely resembles that of The Ineffable Dominant.  The Ineffable Dom is typically a Dominant who has been in the D/s lifestyle for several years or longer and has, mostly through trial and error, learned what does and doesn’t work best in his D/s relationships.  He has consciously explored and borrowed traits and characteristics from the other Dominant categories.  The synergy created with each new partner brings new facets to the Ineffable Dom’s unique (and sometimes indescribable) Topping style










As a Dominant, and a Training Dominant my objective is to strive to better and enhance My skills and to teach or train willing participants in the various aspects of this chosen artful avocation


Preservation of core foundational and formal values of BDSM

Teaching and training the history and art of BDSM

Acquiring more expanded historical education concerning BDSM

Expression of and maintaining submissive self-worth

Applying conducive real life practical application of D/s



  • Teaching formal style of categorical roles in BDSM
  • Japanese bondage – Kinbaku (Shibari)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Erotic humiliation, watersports, objectification and choking)
  • Spanking Applications for Wellness
  • Flogging as massage therapy  
  • Massage therapies to include wax fire hot oils and cupping
  • Tool/toy handling – procurement, cleaning, maintenance, proper layout, storage (including rope bundling)
  • Writing Instruction Guide Books
  • Extreme Humiliation Desecration and Objectification
  • Breath play to include chocking to unconsciousness








Activities [ Partial Not Inclusive]

  • Impact play with implements including, but definitely not limited to: floggers, canes, crops, paddles (leather, wooden, rubber, etc), whips, belts, straps
  • Impact play with the hands, specifically spanking and slapping (ass, thighs, pussy)
  • Bondage, light to heavy (rope, chain, bondage tape, clothing, wrist/ankle/thigh/thumb cuffs, bed systems, door systems, spreader bars, etc)
  • Flogging Whipping Paddling and Spanking
  • Collar and leash
  • Orgasm control – by force and/or denial (via voice, touch, magic wand, etc)
  • Sensory deprivation (sight, touch, hearing via masks, music, etc)
  • Anal/ass play Paddling Spanking
  • Anal hook
  • Body worship (including hands & feet, massages)
  • Humiliation, erotic humiliation
  • Fisting (vaginal and anal )
  • Slapping (face and body)
  • Choking and various other forms of breath play
  • Biting
  • Knife Play
  • Collars (formal, casual and play; leather, chain, chrome and cloth)
  • Tails (full buttplug fox tail wearing for short and extended times)
  • Terror play including knife play, water play (waterboarding, showering), interrogations, etc.
  • Sensation play, including but not limited to: electroplay (Violet wand, Twilight wand, TENS unit, fly zapper), hot wax,  ice (including ice dildo making and usage), spicy/stinging rubs, fire play, Wartenberg wheel
  • Resistance play/FSRP (forced sex role-play aka rape play)
  • Role-play – eg, rough play as currency scene, etc; animal role-play (puppy play)
  • Objectification (use as various types of furniture, etc)
  • Sexual objectification







Activities Continued

  • Discipline & punishment
  • Clamps (including clover, nipple-to-clit, clothespins, chopsticks, etc.)
  • Marking – temporary such as bruising to longer-lasting like scarification)
  • GS/WS (golden showers/water sports )
  • Multiples –)
  • Adult toys (Sales and Distribution )
  • Large furniture (St. Andrew’s cross, wooden pony, stockade, spanking bench, kneeling bench, massage table, Building design and construction of )
  • Slavery { Making Trading : Capture Restraint caging and Master-ship)





  • Open D/s Relationship Consulting Service
  • Travel to BDSM Events Nationally
  • Open Dungeon Establishment and Social Space ie martini bar coffee house


Relevant Sites : I have been featured at the following sites

Kinky Black History Month The Kink Realm – BDSM resource site –


1/19/2016 5:22:54 AM

How To Know Where YOU FIT IN ..
Whats Your TYPE and STYLE?

* INTRODUCTION to ..........

Groupings; Dominant / Switch / Submissive

Titles or Categories;
Doms : Dommes / Tops ; Bottoms / subs slaves

              Hard _______ _ Moderate ___________ Soft

________________SM Pain Play_______________Sensual/ Sex Play/Romantic

Types of Specialization:
Masters/Mistress Baby Girls Pets Whores

  • Not All Listed

______Sadist ______ Daddy ______ Pain Sluts______ 1950s Pin Ups

  • Note The Styles are Personal , Each Individual is allowed to shape their own persona.


11/30/2014 9:33:05 AM

There's a new game
We like to play you see
A game with added reality
You treat me like a dog
Get me down on my knees

We call it master and servant
We call it master and servant

It's a lot like life
This play between the sheets
With you on top and me underneath
Forget all about equality

Let's play master and servant
Let's play master and servant

It's a lot like life
And that's what's appealing
If you despise that throwaway feeling
From disposable fun
Then this is the one

Domination's the name of the game
In bed or in life
They're both just the same
Except in one you're fulfilled
At the end of the day

Let's play master and servant
Let's play master and servant

Let's play master and servant
Come on, master and servant

YEAH you be the servant!!!!!!!

10/1/2013 4:12:42 PM [Report Entry]

Benefits in Training with AlexanderBBCDOM


Here are some of the benefits of joining the House of Alex , as well as the stated points on The House Profile about section here are a few other enhancements one receives when joining the House of Alex ….. Assurance in the relationship with the House and its relationship to the D/s community this helps to create a sense of security. One learns they can receiver friendship from each member and trust that their true desires will be perfected. This helps create a deeper bond to the members of the house the house it self and the BDSM community..
Members by seeing and experiencing the discipline in matriculation of the lifestyle will experience less anxiety in living with their desires
Members are inspired to be devoted to developing a daily routine with regular rising times, bedtimes, after work schedules, and meal times cultivates a more peaceful home life.
Over time as members thru the performance of their chosen roles … will find a better sense of responsibly in knowing what is expected of them and this will transfer into the member’s regular life outside the D/s lifestyle.
Because the rules are put in place to motivate inspire and be consistent , the rules with pre-established and predictable consequences are less likely to promote misbehavior or non productive behavior which brings the best and most desirable outcomes for the members.
Members will experience noticeably a more peaceful nature , less emotional swings, considerably less temper tantrums, arguing and bargaining.
With The House the members will experience less confusion because they will not experience the haphazard guessing daily what actions are appropriate. This in turn will increase the members self esteem and positive outlook leading to more positive values and overall happiness in perfecting the members desired role in the BDSM lifestyle

10/1/2013 4:10:57 PM [Report Entry]

Basic Rules for General Training (Non Comprehensive)


Private Training In General

General Rules

Training shall begin the moment the submissive enters the trainer's domain and will last until the submissive is dismissed. A submissive should always be freshly bathed and sweet-smelling. A submissive will always wear approved training garments or be naked at all times. If the Trainer instructs the submissive will strip naked, fold clothes neatly and place the folded clothes on the floor, then await further instructions while taking Position #1 ... If the Trainer instructs the submissive will wear wrist and ankle cuffs, and a training collar.
Obey the trainer at all times. Do not hesitate.
Any words spoken to Trainer must start or end with "Sir". This is considered speech protocol and may differ in application. If submissive answers a trainer's question, "No Sir", it must be directly followed it with a brief, valid reason. An invalid reason will get submissive punished immediately.
The submissive will keep the Trainer's area neat, clean and in order before and after sessions.
The submissive will make eye contact with the Trainer ONLY when speaking to the Trainer , for eyes are a gift only for the Trainer, not to be given to the floor or anyone else, this is considered reckless eyesight and chastisement is in order when the condition is violated
The submissive must ask the Trainer to leave his presence for any reason.
Be respectful to the trainer at all times, especially when the sub is hurt or scared
The Trainer may or may not require the submissive to submit safely to oral, vaginal or anal intercourse. The Trainer may or may not require the submissive to allow the trainer to sexually stimulate them during training. The submissive's orgasm will not be allowed without permission, if at all.
Corporal punishments will be restricted the submissive’s back, shoulders ass, tits, upper legs or feet, and submissive could be bruised. The submissive must be aware that they may be bruised or otherwise temporarily marked at the hands of the Trainer within reason safely and consensually.
The Trainer will not subject submissive to any training, sexual contact, or punishment from themselves or another person without their prior approval. Screaming, begging and crying are acceptable, although the trainer might tire of the noise and gag submissive for the sake of their hearing..
The submissive must learn to know the trainer well enough to trust their techniques and styles. This is done thru clear communication and open mindedness between the Trainer and the trainee (s).

Do not enter into training for the wrong reasons. Training will lay the foundation for any Dominant/submissive relationship in the future.

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10 Positions For Submission Training

When Training a version of the positions are utilized initially ,which will be situation-ally dependent upon the scene or session . The 10 Positions have been formatted for flow and ease of ability to perform with grace.

The 10 Positions

Submissive(s) will be well advised to learn the 10 Positions by name and number. All positions will be held completely still until submissive is told to move. Submissive will learn to be still, silent and attentive.

1. Standing Attention - Standing, head up, eyes locked downward gaze arms bent at elbow 45 Degree angle palms upward fingers together , shoulders back chest out, back completely straight, ,legs straight feet together

2. Standing Inspection - Standing head up eyes locked downward gaze arms up and bent at elbows hands behind head fingers interlocked , back straight chest forward, legs straight, feet shoulder width apart.

3. Bending - Standing feet shoulder width apart head up eyes locked downward gaze, legs wide, knees locked, hands on knees.

4. Squatting - Head up eyes locked downward gaze back straight, feet flat on floor, knees bent, genitals toward floor, fingers locked together finger tips on floor for balance arms slightly bent.

5. Kneeling - Head up eyes locked in downward gaze back straight, hands behind neck fingers interlaced, hands on thighs when directed, knees bent, ass resting on calf’s of lower legs , soles of feet upward , feet crossed .*

6. Four Point submission - Dog style, head up, eyes looking towards floor, back straight, hands palms down on floor fingers together , may substitute elbows on floor ,hands clasped together fingers interlocked, knees bent on floor , feet suspended slightly above floor ,or on toes . ^5 point submission finger tips, hands, elbows, knees, and toes all touching floor.

7. Present submission - Arms extended palms of hands flat on floor fingers locked together , chin to floor, knees wide, back straight bent at hips , hips high thighs straight knees bent, feet on toes and balls of feet spread to adjust for balance

8. Flat Prone submission - Head on floor, hands behind head fingers interlocked, back straight, legs spread wide apart, toes on floor feet straight so that heels are up.

9. Missionary Prone submission - On back, head straight, eyes locked in downward gaze, , hands behind neck fingers interlocked , or palms up at sides, legs spread wide, knees bent slightly spread wide as possible , heels on floor feet straight toes are up.

10 Sitting - Head up, eyes locked in downward gaze ,back straight but relaxed , hands folded in lap fingers straight knees apart, ankles crossed .

Remember to Obey the trainer at all times. Do not hesitate.


These may be adjusted per the Dominants wishes to train their submissive

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New Article by Alexander BBC DOM Published In KINK REALM


The Mandingo Effect: BBC & Why Cucks Love Them

Journal Entries:
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I had to teach a Class at a Passion Party's Expo in conjunction with the 50 Shades of Grey book that is so popular now .
This is and excerpt from the class

There are certain traits things that are of the utmost importance and valued of all My subs.
1 that they have respect for God
2 that they have respect and loyalty to family
3 that they honor their word and be prompt and faithful to perform their duties personal, as well as .Professional and in submission to Myself.
4 That they have an unhindered desire to learn to perfect their role and position in the
Therefore it is imperative that you the submissive become a student of the lifestyle and as a student do their absolute best to learn and gain the knowledge to be the Most Excellent submissive that they can be . In regards to the following are a few topical areas of concern and aspects of awareness that every sub should consider.
There are 3 major areas of concern for Dominants that all truly great sub missive’s learn and perfect in both performance and in technique.
They are

1 Comfort

2 Entertainment

3 Sexual Gratification

A sub should learn these 3 categories and engrave them in their spirit. A submissive who earnestly and humbly cares for and invest wholly in their Dominant’s Comfort Entertainment and Gratification will always find themselves desired as a true treasure by their chosen Dominant.

Beginning with Comfort. This is the area where a submissive servant can excel because they are keenly aware of the environment in which they serve the Dominant. Keeping the Doms environment neat clean tidy and organized will relax and assist the Dominant and will gain the Dominants trust more fully as the time goes by. Many in the lifestyle go too quickly to sexual gratification which does not allow excitement to build or the relationship to develop trust and proper bonding. Making it into not a BDSM lifestyle but a BDSM moment and all be it a momentary pleasure. Concerns of the submissive for their Dominants comfort can range from cooking cleaning doing household chores yard work to bartending running errands representing the dominant providing security and being a total personal assistant named as A Friday or Comfort Girl at times.

It should also be noted that is for basic sub missives not for slaves. A sub-slave should be concerned with these aspects as well but the title slave is not just simple submission. To be a slave means that a submissive is not only the property of a Master Dominant but also is useful as chattel or work producing sub labor. In the history of slavery no slave was captured or purchased or sold to be KEPT as a pet! In fact slaves were valued below pets. Slaves were considered as tools for use to produce crops build or generally labor at anything that the Master deemed hard work , In fact family pets were considered part of the family of the Master and allowed to sleep in the house slaves were kept in slave quarters and not allowed the privilege of sleeping in the house or not being made to labor . Slaves in short are laborers that produce a manifest benefit to their Masters. Many subs confuse this and say they are willing to re locate and be kept in a cage in the house. That is the role of a pet not a slave. A Slave would relocate and work to produce some wealth for their Master. There is also the subject of a sub servant. The sub servant is the role of a submissive maid or butler. The difference being the servant is especially concerned with only the comfort and care of the Dominant and not the property to produce wealth or to be kept as a pet . The difference is minimal but clear and concise definitions of submissive roles in fundamental to having a productive Dominant submissive relationship

Once the Dominant’s comfort needs are fully meet to the Dominant’s satisfaction the submissive can move on to meeting the Dominants Entertainment Desires. This will be Different for every Dominant but the submissive should be aware of and develop the social skills and talents to respectfully converse with and have talents that can entertain the sub missives Dominant. Be respectfully inquisitive and interested in your Dominants interest other than just sexual. Ask polite minimal questions respectfully about their interest but do not pry! Then learn about that interest…. If gaming be knowledgeable of the latest trends. If financial have your Dominant a New copy of the Wall Street Journal even if their interest is porn have the latest type porn or genre the Dominant like to watch available. These efforts will let the Dominant know that you the submissive are fully invested in the desires of your Dominant.

The last aspect that a submissive should be concerned with about their Dominant is the Dominants Sexual Gratification
This topical aspect is so wide and so varying that it is impossible to achieve expertise easily or quickly but there are some basic principles that a submissive can begin with and earnestly work to perfection for their Dominant

1 A submissive should be totally aware of their own body and its sexual abilities and talents so that the Dominant won't use valuable time finding out restrictions and limits. This awareness makes the sexual gratification of the Dominant greater because the restrictive nature is open and easier to explore new and exciting plateaus

2 A submissive should begin to study their Dominants body, diligently and purposefully learning each minute detail. This takes an enormous amount of practice and time but is well worth the effort and this study with purposeful application well be extremely pleasing to your Dominant

3 Open communications and an open Mind are listed together because they go hand in hand the best sexual gratification is found in persons who can speak respectfully but are open to learning new things

These few aspects of sexual gratification along with a deep willingness to perfect the art of Sexual Gratification will be greatly appreciated and highly valued by the Dominant
Together these are the 3 essential categories of concerns of a great submissive for a Dominant !

Once a submissive studies and acquires a proficiency in the areas and topics mentioned above , that sub will be held in high regard and valued by most Qualified Dominants in the BDSM lifestyle



A simple daily affirmation and meditation should be utilized to help a submissive or a slave focus their mind on the better reasons why they should serve


I use this one but I can be altered to fit any specific nature :

A submissive’s Daily Affirmation 
I am a submissive  
I believe in the submissive life and the act of submission
I believe My submission makes me a better person

My Need is to be of submissive service today ...

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Recommendation from recent Training Session


I had the pleasure of receiving some of Master Alexander's time recently and I am greatly appreciative. From moment one, he proved to be knowledgeable, attentive, skilled and sadistic. His care and concern for my well-being and safety throughout our session(s!) made me feel at ease and special, like valued property. His strong and unyielding grip (literally and figuratively) never let me forget that he was in full control, that he is a dominant with no qualms about his position and rightly deserves his title. Thank you, Master Alexander, for your time, efforts, energy, attentiveness and, of course, your sensual & sadistic mastery. I am pleased that you came and hope that you found the trip to be worth your time, and me to be worth your attention. You have an open invitation to return!




ALL Recommendations are available upon Request if Interested in Booking a Training Session

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Giving Purpose To Submissive Service

Journal Entry


Giving Purpose To Submissive Service;

In the everyday world those who have jobs (which may or may not an easy thing to acquire in this present economy) measure progress by what they have achieved each day. Waking in the morning with an idea of what events will transpire during the day awaiting and achieving the minimal mundane and sometimes monotonous daily duties YET sometimes achieving the meaningful and momentous only then ending each day wanting wishing for more......


What seems to be lacking is PURPOSE!

That reason why ...that motivation to say this is what I am doing this for ... that willingness to know that what is done will please another ,will make another proud, will give someone other than self that true satisfaction.....HERE is where the meaning of purpose lies.


To Mark or Measure each day by with total sum of what has been done in service to one More Deserving , One More Worthy , One More Honorable than self ......

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Master Alexander's Vision

Journal Entry | 24 minutes ago

My vision as a Master is to inspire in a submissive such a great devotion and commitment to loyal service that My submissive(s) becomes so comfortable and fulfilled in their submission and subjection that it permeates into every aspect of their lives. And So all who see would give honor to My Mastery My Training and My Teachings by the display of their excellence in life as a whole product of serving as a submissive under My reign as Master.



Master Alexander

BBC Dom & Trainer of

subs slaves and cuck couples

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All submissive s should learn this Creed ;


I submit to my Dominant …

my Dominants treasure is my submission.

my Dom is my friend. 

my submission is my life.

i shall submit to my Dominant  my will.

Without submission my treasure is useless.

Without my submission to My Dominant, I am rendered useless as a submissive .

i must be true and open to my Dominant .

i must try harder to serve.

i must  diligently attempt to serve in whatever my Dominant commands


 i will.


 i swear this creed

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